Similan Diving Daytrip

Similan Diving Day Trip

Similan Overnight package no longer available since the last year 2018 onward as the DNP National Park has decided to close the accommodation on Similan Island for maintenance and recovery nature back to basic. Only Similan Daytrip Package is available in the limitation of visiter each day. Highly recommend booking the trip at least a few days in advance to ensure we do have free space for your family.  

An opportunity to visit one of the Top 10 Best Diving and snorkelling islands in the world. Similan island consists of 9 islands which are the meaning of "Similan" Every island is beautiful with its own character. All islands are surrounded by crystal blue water, white-powdery sand and many different kinds of fish, along with some coral reefs that are easily visible along the shore while snorkelling.           

Enjoy the scenic scenery under the crystal blue sea at Similan Marine National Park, The top ten dive site in the world with our services.

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