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9 Hours 10H00 - 19H00  = 3,500 baht / Minivan

9 Hours 14h00 - 23h00 = 4,000 baht / Minivan

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About Phuket - The Phuket Island is among the world’s finest beach destinations, with fine white sands, nodding palm trees, glittering seas and lively towns. It has something for any taste and budget, with hundreds of hotels to choose from, a wide choice of dining and partying options. Aside from visiting the fantastic attractions of Thailand’s biggest island, you can take an exhilarating speedboat trip to the many nearby tropical paradises, including the famous Phi Phi Islands, or enjoy a serene cruise around the mystical Phang Nga Bay. Phuket is blessed with more than 30 amazing beaches to choose from. Patong Beach, Kata, Karon and Kamala have always been the most popular, but the north of the island reveals some hidden gems for travellers searching for a more romantic atmosphere.

Duration trip advisor:  09h00 - 19h00 or 13h00 - 23h00 or flexible for 10 Hours duration time from start and back.
Phuket Nightlife:        18:00 - 03h00 (Recommend)

Creating your CUSTOM Program as own PRIVATE, hereunder is MUST visit island destination guidance.

The island of Phuket is known for its stunning white-sand beaches, big shopping mall but the island is also bursting with culture and history. Discover some of its most beautiful beaches, Siamese architecture, Buddhist temples, and the Big Buddha made of marble.  An ideal for first-time visitors who want to know more about the island’s culture.

Drive along the most beautiful beaches inside Phuket island- Surin Beach, Kamla Beach which base of Phuket Fantasea Show, Kalim and Patong Beach the centre of the tourist place and Big department store "JUNGCEYLON" here you can find brands name products and outlet clothes.

A short visit at Freedom Beach for memorial and photo then ahead to Karon Beach, Kata Beach 

BIG BUDDHA - Phuket's Big Buddha is one of the most important and revered landmarks on the island. The huge image sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and, at 45 metres tall, can be seen from as far away as Phuket Town and Karon Beach. The lofty site offers the best 360-degree views of the island, with sweeping vistas of Phuket Town, Kata, Karon, Chalong Bay and more. Relatively easily reachable via a winding 6-km road leading from Phuket's main artery route, it is a must-visit island destination.
What to Wear: As the Phuket Big Buddha is a religious site, it is considered disrespectful to arrive in beachwear, short skirts and T-shirts with offensive texts or images. If you feel you have dressed a little too daringly, you can always ask for a sarong to cover up with. It is free of charge from the site centre.

CHALONG TEMPLE or Wat Chalong is one of Phuket's most important temples and is visited by thousands each year. It's beautifully decorated, with infinite reflections from hundreds of tiny glittering glass pieces on its many pagodas. On special holidays, Wat Chalong hosts 'country fairs,' with a real local flavour where you can buy just about anything and snack on Thai food to your heart's content. Wat Chalong has an interesting history and is Phuket Island's spiritual centre. Visiting this fascinating temple is one of the essential things to do in Phuke

OLD PHUKET TOWN Sino-Portuguese splendours and funky shops in the most unlikely places will surprise and delight you in the heart of Phuket's sleepy provincial capital. Phuket Town offers much more than you think, with some excellent restaurants and local sights. The unique blend of colonial and Chinese architecture, along with a tangible quaintness, makes for a fascinating and unforgettable afternoon spent sauntering around Phuket's Old Town. Expect the unexpected and don't forget your camera

"RANG HILL" the one and only Phuket View Point from here you overview the whole town. 

CENTRAL FESTIVAL & CENTRAL FLORESTA PHUKET, the best place to buy original brands of clothes, shoes, leather and sport weres, take your time around 2-3 hours here.

PROMTHEP CAPE is one of the island's most photographed and perhaps best-known locations. Every evening, large tour buses, scooters and private cars sweep through Rawai Beach and up the island's southernmost hill in order to watch the sunset at its peak. On the top of the hill stands a busy car park where vehicles disgorge crowds of people from every corner of the world. Cameras flash, fingers point and lovers cuddle as Phuket's most fabulous free show is re-enacted nightly – the sunset.


Enjoy Night Market, Shopping and Bargaining

WEEKEND MARKET (Every Saturday & Sunday from 16:00 – 21:00)
Phuket Week End Market Highlights Roughly speaking, the Phuket Week End divides into two sections – covered and open. In the covered section, you'll find secondhand items with a huge selection of jeans, T-shirts, curios, objects that don’t appear to have any function but simply look good and touristic souvenirs such as carvings and religious images. Outside in the ‘new’ section, you will find stall after stall selling fluffy toys, mobile phones, all sorts of electronics, DVDs and CDs, shoes, bags, jewellery and fashion accessories, watches, more clothes and everything but the kitchen sink. To the right of the main entrance is the food part. Here, you can gorge on delicious boiled buttered corn on the cob, spicy sausages, grilled chicken, fishcakes, exotic fruit and even deep-fried insects. And of course, you can wash your snack down with an ice-cold beer. Even though the Phuket Week End Market (known to the locals as Talad Tai Rot and Chao Fa Market) is not as big as Bangkok’s humongous Chatuchak Market, it’s still impressively large. Generally speaking, the floor is mostly cemented over so you won’t get muddy underfoot like at other local markets.

CHILLVA NIGHT MARKET  (Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 16:00 – 21:00) 

Chillava night market is a cool, trendy night market with a somewhat bohemian vibe and an impressive selection of food, fashion and other stalls, despite a relatively small size. Hard to miss by the side of Yaowarat Road (which runs by Tesco Lotus, on the way towards Phuket Town), it has a distinctive look created by the use of colourful shipping containers as shopfronts. The stores in the upcycled containers are open every day from 16:00, when the flea market comes to town, setting up in tents and little hawker stalls to fill the 6,400 sqm marketplace to capacity. At the heart of the market is a small stage with a pond behind and amphitheatre in front, which sees presentations and music when the market is in full swing.

PHUKET WALKING STREET (Every Sunday from 16:00 – 22:00) 
Phuket Walking Street is the latest attraction featured in Phuket Old Town. Also-known-as Lardyai (Talaad Yai), which means ‘big market’ in southern Thai dialect, this weekly market started in October 2013 and is hosted on the beautifully renovated Thalang Road, right in the middle of the historical Sino-Portuguese district of Phuket Town. Thalang is a 350m-long commercial and cosmopolitan street which hosts a mix of Baba (Chinese migrants settled in Phuket at the beginning of the 20th century during the tin mining area), Thai Muslim and Indian shops. Phuket Walking Street allows visitors to discover some typical southern Thai culinary specialities as well as local handicraft and gift stalls. This definitely family-oriented with the presence of toy stalls and a (free-of-charge) trampoline to entertain the little ones. 

PATONG's NIGHTLIFE  (Everyday from 20:00 – 02:00)  
Patong’s nightlife is almost entirely different from what people take as ‘normal’ in the west. The epicentre of all the frolicking is on Bangla Road (known locally as Soi Bangla), with its off-streets such as Soi Freedom, Soi Gonzo, Soi Easy and more. This is where you will encounter go-go bars, beers bars (often known as bar beers, for no obvious reason), and more. It all may seem so wild and new to you, but you’ll soon discover that even in this glamourous and outlandish new world, there are rules to be observed and frontiers not to be crossed.

The famous Night Club on Soi Bang La 

Sugar Club Phuket  Sugar Club Phuket, is Phuket’s premium hip-hop nightclub located at the centre of Bangla Rd.  Originally opened in Bangkok in 2014, Sugar Club Phuket is the second Nightclub under the Sugar brand. 

Illuzion Phuket Since Opening its doors in 2014, Illuzion Phuket has quickly become the point of reference in live music & entertainment in South East Asia, Reaching the TOP 100 only 2 Years after its opening. The following years have been no different - In 2017 it reached position #81, and in 2018#48. Currently, the nightclub is sitting at position #33 in the world.  A Phuket trip does not complete without a visit to ILLUZION!

'Entertainment' and 'Phuket' are words that go hand-in-hand. The rule of the thumb is that if you look for it on Phuket, you'll find it, no matter what it is. There is a lot to see and do out there, no matter where your tastes lie. Much of what is on offer is family-friendly while some options are definitely just for the grown-ups, but all promise to create fun-filled memorable experiences. Shows? Sure - there are several. Cinemas? Take your pick. Bowling? Lots of options. Sports? Try a round or two of Thai boxing or golf. Cuisine? Learn to cook a Thai meal or two at one of the many cooking schools on the island. The options are there and there are even variations of each to meet whatever budget you have; now it's up to you to choose what you wish to pursue.

SIMON CABARET SHOW (Opening Hours: 17:00 - 21:00 every day  - Show starts at 18.00  19.30 and 21.00)
Thailand's most famous Ladyboy show.  This show features a spectacular musical floor show performed by the world-famous "ladyboys" of Simon Cabaret. See for yourself. Guys, can you tell the difference? And ladies - wouldn't you just die for a figure like that? Stunning costumes, bright lights, excellent sound system and expensive sets are all part of this theatrical extravaganza. Not to be missed! Highlights of this tour: Enjoy an exceptional 75-minute showcase of Thai culture and creativity Multiple seating options available 1-hour 15-minute tour.   Book The Ticket Here

PHUKET FANTASEA SHOW (Opening Hours: 17:00 - 23:30 every day except Thursday - Show starts at 20.30)
Phuket Fantasea is the island's biggest show. With trapeze artists, a cast of hundreds, performing elephants and other animals and an exotic storyline that blends tradition with fantasy you'll have a wonderful evening out here. But the extravaganza doesn't stop there as FantaSea also hosts one of the biggest buffets in Asia and is set in a theme park that offers carnival-like games, lots of shopping opportunities, a Palace of the Elephants, a Similan Adventure Centre and several other food outlets. It's spectacular, it's extravagant, it's impressive and great entertainment value for all.  Book The Ticket Here

SIAM NIRAMIT Siam Niramit Phuket is a tastefully done cultural extravaganza that adds variety and vitality to the island’s entertainment scene. Perfectly located just off the By-Pass Road in the outskirts of Phuket Town, it is set in prime lakeside land. The show features songs, dance routines and traditional martial arts. The show runs without intermission and is divided into three acts that are equally entertaining. International audiences might want to pay close attention to Act II which presents how Thais conceive the concept of heaven and hell. While heaven is so beautiful with divas and angels (literally) flying around, hell is quite scary indeed. Imagine drinkers forced to imbibe from a cauldron of boiling water and adulterers compelled to climb horribly spiky thorn trees! The stage setup and special effects alone are spectacular and very realistic with amazing costumes and, as one reviewer puts it, “It was great to watch and enjoy, and it was also very educational.” Siam Niramit definitely has what it takes to become another successful and must-see show/attraction in Phuket. 


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